Krishna Hurry

Krishna Hurry

My academic background is in Economics with more practical experience coming from the Insurance industry which taught me, most importantly, the importance of asking quality questions and really getting to know your customer and their needs.

I work for Chartwells and Eurest, two of the divisions of Compass, a huge catering company with a global presence and many exciting opportunities for business development.

Broadley Speaking has a very friendly and open atmosphere where everyone is approachable if you need some help. Furthermore, the focus on Intelligent Business Development is palpable and there’s always a new way of looking at existing problems if you just ask the question.

My colours are Yellow and Red in almost equal measure; which (rather terrifyingly) is a double dose of extroversion! My colours also show that I talk a lot, am very enthusiastic but may get bored with long admin tasks.

First and foremost, I’m a car lover. My dream is to one day have a collection of my dream motors in a huge garage somewhere. Other than that I enjoy playing Poker and watching Sci-Fi/Superhero movies and TV Shows. Basically I’m a huge geek!