James Welch-Thornton

I have spent the majority of my life in Devon and after spending 3 years studying Business Management at the University of East Anglia, returned to Exeter to work in the stock management department of the region’s flagship John Lewis store. I undertook a range of activities relating to the maintenance of appropriate stock levels within the store. I also manage my own investment portfolio.

I have a range of clients operating across several diverse markets including corporate fine-dining, building maintenance, social media lead generation and protection of intellectual property. My role is slightly different for each client, but all involve providing essential market information and building relationships with key decision-makers across their prospect universe to forge new partnerships.

I speak with international decision-makers on a daily basis as an ambassador of each respective client, opening the door for new opportunities to transform their business.

Having such a supportive and collaborative team environment helps to build a collective sense of camaraderie which guides one to do ones’ very best. I feel that the guidance that I am receiving from my colleagues is helping to further my personal and professional development and help to achieve the personal goals which I have set and contribute to those of the company.

My colour is blue, which means I enjoy taking in all the information for any situation. I also have a ‘green’ side, which makes me empathetic with the feelings of others and like to ensure that I act in a kind, caring and considerate manner.

Away from the office, you’ll find me at the gym almost every day before work and on the golf course at the weekend. Once I’ve tired myself out, I like to immerse myself in a book or carry out some research on companies that I may look to invest in.

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