David McAdam

I have recently graduated from Plymouth University where I studied Geo-Engineering. My background mostly includes working as an outdoor activity instructor. I have worked across England, Australia, Canada and the Cayman Islands teaching watersports and skiing. I started my business career working within the CBD of Sydney in Sales and Marketing.

I currently work across 3 accounts. I am part of a large team supporting the Compass Group. I focus on providing new business development and lead generation for Chartwells and Entrust. I also work with CSi, a company specialising in end of line palletising systems targeting large food groups such as Premier Foods, Arla and 2 Sisters.

Broadley speaking is a great place to work. It’s fun, friendly and most importantly very supportive. They have helped me develop my personal knowledge and skills and assisted me to apply them across very specific sectors across the UK. I have been lucky enough to work with global leaders, an opportunity I wouldn’t off had without Broadley Speaking.

My colour is technically blue. However, all my colours are very even, around 50% each, this means I can easily interchange my pitch and persona to easily connect with my clients and prospects.

I like my lists, and I am very organised. I never miss a deadline and I always like to be punctual.

I really enjoy living in the South West. You’ll find me on the Plymouth Sound sailing or at Fitsral Beach, surfing.