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How do you capitalise on event opportunities to drive traffic to your site?

September 13th, 2017 by


Event opportunities - Cyclists sprinting during Tour de France

Are you currently capitalising on event opportunities? Events such as Wimbledon or Tour de France, etc. are a really good chance for you to try and bring traffic to your webiste and boost your social media engagement. Have you got an annual plan to include any such events in your campaigns?

This article will explain why you should identify event-driven commercial opportunities and how to make the most of it.

It is a fact that popular events are a huge source of organic traffic and social shares: people want to be kept informed about the events themselves, share news, participate in contests, buy related goods. It is a significant business opportunity which should not be missed; but how do you drive traffic to your website and social media during the most popular events?

First of all, identify opportunities. Some events will be naturally related to your business: if you sell pet food or toys, then you should have a campaign during Crufts, if you sell sports equipment, then you should have campaigns during the Tour de France or Wimbledon. Moreover, even if your business is not immediately connected, you can always capitalise on event-related ideas which have the power to connect people to your brand (endurance, stamina and success for sport events, love for family-related events, mindfulness for awareness events and so on).

Make it search based: search for keywords relating to each event and to your business, with average data for searches carried out over the last 12 months and at the time of the previous edition of the event. This will allow you to see if, and by how much, searches for a given keyword increase or decrease during the event itself.

This, of course, is just a flavour of a complete keyword strategy which could be designed for each campaign.


When you have a list of opportunities throughout the year, create material to use on your social media and website: this can be blog posts, images, infographics; anything which suits your campaign and can resonate with your audience.

After this, look for relevant hashtags to accompany all your material; a good use of hashtags is crucial for the success of any campaign.

Make a spread sheet containing a list of the events around which you are going to build campaigns with relevant keyword strategy and hashtags.

How do you capitalise on big event opportunities to drive traffic to your website? Have you got any tips to share?

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