Telemarketing agency for Eurocell plc

Driving growth under recessionary conditions for the UK’s leading building plastics manufacturer and distributor

Eurocell plc is the UK’s leading supplier of PVC-U window, door, conservatory and roofline systems, offering the widest product range of any PVC-U systems brand.

Eurocell uses Broadley Speaking’s telemarketing and telesales services to drive its growth plans

Eurocell Profiles supplies a national network of fabricators and installers with a comprehensive range of PVC-U systems including windows, doors, inline patio doors, bi-fold doors, conservatories, cavity closers and curtain walling systems.

Eurocell Building Plastics is the sister company of Eurocell Profiles and operates 125+branches nationwide stocking roofline, windows trims, conservatory roofs and most other items required by trade installers and DIY customers

Broadley Speaking started working with the Eurocell marketing team four years ago.

At this juncture Chris Coxon was the new Head of Marketing at Eurocell. He was able to look through a new lens at the Eurocell proposition, its positioning in the market and the depth and breadth of awareness of its products across the UK building and construction sector.

The Need
Chris saw that there was a need to engage in a ‘big conversation’ with the buyers and specifiers across the UK building sector in order to spearhead the brand’s growth. Eurocell set out to find the right telemarketing agency for this job through a comprehensive tender process. Chris recognised that putting his brand and product messaging in the hands of a regular call centre may do more harm than good. He demanded an unscripted, intelligent telemarketing approach and for that reason, Broadley Speaking was the partner chosen to deliver it.

The marketing team built a comprehensive and expansive plan of engagement that could flex across product categories, including composite doors, decking, cladding, skirting products, underground drainage and guttering (to name just a few). Together with these vertical markets there had to be a rounded conversation with the building community and a consistent round of support for branch openings across the country.

As the campaign progressed, it made sense to be able to measure levels of awareness and satisfaction by sampling, geographically diverse groups, consistently, using a balanced scorecard.

The Solution
From the outset, the Broadley Speaking telemarketing team, led by Isabel Robson, worked hand in glove with their colleagues at Eurocell. This was not just about making telemarketing calls but being inculcated with both knowledge of the products and the values of the brand.

Every working day since the beginning of 2008 carefully crafted and professionally delivered Eurocell brand and product messages have been made to its target audience.

The core telemarketing team on the project has remained consistent throughout the period of the work.

Additionally Broadley Speaking developed with Eurocell a detailed customer satisfaction survey, conducted on a monthly basis, and a balanced score card to measure loyalty through a net promoter score system.

The Result
Four years on and Chris and his team have been shortlisted for a B2B marketing award – a great accolade and well deserved. Even more tellingly, over the same period, working with the team at Broadley Speaking Chris has masterminded a 450%+ growth in marketing generated leads over a 4 year period. 40% of which can be directly attributable to Broadley Speaking outbound activity.

In Broadley Speaking Eurocell not only have a marketing engine driving the company’s growth but a tool to measure both customer satisfaction and likely “word of mouth” referrals.

From the outset Broadley Speaking has proved itself as a crucial partner in achieving our growth strategy. They have been flexible and meticulous on delivery and play an active part in helping evolve imaginative programmes.

As you would expect from a market-leading company, all of our products comply with the highest quality standards. In turn we expect high standards as a given. We get them from Broadley Speaking.

The results speak for themselves – outstanding!

Chris Coxon, Head of Marketing, Eurocell plc