B2B telemarketing and telesales for a food service business

Breaking multi million pound contracts for a FTSE 100 company

Compass Group provides the widest portfolio of foodservice solutions in the World.

Compass Group uses Broadley Speaking’s high level B2B telemarketing services to break multi million pound contracts.

Their Core Concepts food programme offers a range of their own concepts or their talented executive chefs can create a range of bespoke solutions. The programme has been carefully developed to meet their customers’ needs. They survey over 30,000 customers every year to understand how they can deliver the best solutions to fit the latest culinary trends in the industry.

80 of the FTSE 100 companies trust them to deliver food and facilities management services. They supply 11 billion pounds of food and facilities management service across the World – around 1 billion pounds in the UK.

Compass have not become the global leader in their industry by chance. They provide cost efficient solutions that others cannot through economies of scale only they can provide.

They prize quality as their highest value and are truly passionate about both food and service. It can also be tough being number one; with constant competition and very demanding clients. Many of their contracts are valued in many millions of pounds but each is individually tailored for respective clients.

The Need
Broadley Speaking’ s B2B telemarketing team has been working with Compass to help them win new business in some of their most complex and competitive markets. These include FTSE 100 and 250 companies and the telemarketing and sales approaches revolve around complex discussions about outsourcing food delivery to staff and clients.

Compass have a food service solution for just about every environment you can imagine from the boardrooms of the City’s banks to school meals. Their approach is innovative and flexible and they have required the same of Broadley Speaking.

“We have found the team to be highly professional, receptive and show a real interest and desire to understand our business and engage with our team……… We have an ongoing telemarketing relationship which has reaped benefits and reward of high quality output that we can use to drive our business forwards”

Jane Beckett- Smith
Head of Lead Generation & Client Insights, Compass Group UK & Ireland 

Compass looked at potential B2B telemarketing suppliers carefully. They awarded Broadley Speaking the contract for the higher value, more complex “business and industry” and health sectors.

The Solution
We work across many of their distinct market sectors including B&I ,healthcare and strategic accounts.

As one would expect there is a very high probability that the “suspects” we are calling already have a food service supplier in place – so it’s a competitive pitch for a seven figure sum contract from the outset. It’s Broadley Speaking’s job to find decision makers and identify needs through gaining a thorough understanding of what is important to prospects even when they already have a supplier in place fulfilling it!

This is a complex, complicated new business development and telemarketing programme aimed at some of the largest organisations in the UK. It’s telemarketing but not as many people would recognise it.

Broadley Speaking have invested a large amount of time working with our Compass colleagues to understand every facet of their business, service and brands.

The Result
The investment in time has paid dividends . Compass have a very clear view of the work we do and appreciate the time, energy and passion it takes to open up new business opportunities worth many millions of pounds. As an outsourced supplier themselves they understand the power of an outsourced telemarketing service – IF the right partner can be found, that delivers the quality of service and result but takes the pain away.

They have found that partner in Broadley Speaking. Overtime the scope of the relationship has expanded with Broadley Speaking working for more and more parts of the Compass Group in the UK. Additionally Broadley Speaking also provides sales training for key members of the Compass team.

“We have found the team to be highly professional, receptive and show a real interest and desire to understand our business and engage with our team. In particular, the initial emersion and briefing stage before starting a campaign is a really useful discipline which I and the team welcome the direction from the team’s experience. We have an ongoing telemarketing relationship which has reaped benefits and reward of high quality output that we can use to drive our business forwards”

Jane Beckett- Smith, Compass Group UK & Ireland