PKF evaluated Broadley Speakings telemarketing against all other media

Building a new business division for one of the UK’s leading professional service providers

Broadley Speaking was engaged by one of the UK’s leading firms of accountants and business advisers, which specialises in advising the management of developing private and public businesses.

They used Broadley Speaking’s strategic approach to help them build a new business division.

The client pride themselves on creating and sustaining supportive relationships where objective and timely advice enables their own clients to thrive and develop.

In 2009 a strategic decision was made to develop a new business unit focusing on providing World Class organisational development consultancy and interventions.

Our client understood that with change comes re-organisation and set out to provide guidance on all aspects of HR consultancy, leadership development and organisational development to help businesses deal with the impact of change.

The Need
The need was “simple”. Create new business opportunities for leadership development interventions with some of the UK’s largest businesses, from scratch, in the howling gale of the World’s deepest recession since the 1930’s!

The target: HR Directors, CEOs, Divisional MDs and Functional directors; initially in mid market companies. (We view the Mid Market as being comprised of companies between £10M and £250M in turnover. There are 20,000 mid-sized companies in the UK, accounting for only 2% of all firms in the UK, but 14% of the workforce and 16% of turnover). The second stage, the same decision makers in FTSE 500 businesses.

A tough nut to crack; so tough in fact that at least one regular telemarketing company said it couldn’t be done!

“…They have consistently delivered high quality appointments month after month after month.I now cannot imagine that we would plan our future sales strategy without Broadley Speaking as a key part of that plan.”

 Head of Practice, Organisational Development

The Solution
As with all our clients Broadley Speaking took on an initial pilot campaign for three moths and 18 months on the job was still ongoing.

We were faced with very aggressive targets for the first tranche of activities and the end of the first year saw our activity and results benchmarked against our client’s other investments in email marketing, attendance at conferences and pre arranged “meetings” based events. (hey, they’re not accountants for nothing! You would expect everything to be measured down to the last penny)

Broadley Speaking’s intelligent sales approach won out and year two saw investment pulled from other activities and investment in Broadley Speaking’s work increased, as, naturally, did the targets.

On a monthly basis Broadley Speaking delivered appointment after appointment for the partners at the firm. Real, solid, highly qualified business meetings with key learning and development decision makers in some of the leading businesses across the UK.

The Result

I have to say that if was asked, eighteen months ago, whether “telemarketing” could be used to build our business I would have been pretty doubtful. However the results have certainly exceeded my expectations and made me a believer that, done well, it can work better than any route.

We selected Broadley Speaking because they seemed to have a better feel for the kind of intimate but professional communication necessary to win meetings with our target people in larger, more sophisticated organisations. We then tested them against other marketing routes for 6 months and found them to be measurably better.

For the last year we have been running with Broadley Speaking as an integrated part of our sales development process and the results are excellent. They have consistently delivered high quality appointments month after month after month. I now cannot imagine that we would plan our future sales strategy without Broadley Speaking as a key part of that plan.

Head of Practice, Organisational Development