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15 Sep

Telemarketing for UK manufacturers

Telemarketing for UK manufacturers pays dividends Found this article using Bing on The website – a little old but well worth the read Intelligent sales approach lights up manufacturer’s sales company news from Broadley Speaking 06 October 2009 Without doubt the journey of a product from the factory floor into the hands of a […]

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23 Aug

It’s August! but sales appointments keep rolling in

Sales appointments generated all year round As the Annual Shed Towing Championship continues on the M5 / A30 heading West it’s a great time to be getting hold of people who are at work. Fully qualified sales appointments with Heinz, Baxters, Del Monte, Bolton Wanderers, Norwich City and Birmingham International Airport …….to name but a […]

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26 Jul

Unpicking the lock the secret of great telemarketing

High grade telemarketing helps unpick the lock to complex accounts and deliver high value sales. Good to be back in the saddle after two weeks out. Back refreshed, relaxed and excited about some large account starts. Ought to go away more often! The team doing a great job in our absence. Great atmosphere in the […]

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29 Jun

Telemarketing and telesales for recruitment companies – a sign of the times?

Telemarketing and telesales for recruitment companies Interestingly we are seeing a good deal of activity and enquiries from recruitment companies. We are currently engaged in a fascinating project with a UK based, web based recruitment crew who specialise in pan European , multi lingual recruitment. We have also seen enquiries from three other recruitment businesses […]

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Intelligent Sales

“Our white board culture. When we refurbished the office a number of years ago someone came up with the neat idea that instead of using regular wallpaper we should cover the walls with write on / wipe off material, so effectively all available wall space has been turned over to one great big white board. The space is used for writing up team plans, monitoring performance, and listing achievements on a  team by team basis.”

Intelligent Sales

“Collaborative working – no sales person is an island, or they shouldn’t be! The calls have to go out and the spade work has to be done but when you’re working through the implementation of complex sales campaigns sometimes putting your heads together and combining intellectual property gathered on a call by call basis can bring great results. The Broadley Speaking teams get time to think and problem solve. Breaking new contracts, often measured in seven figures, is not easy work.”

Intelligent Sales

“In the “war room”.  Much of work with clients is about collaborative problem solving. Rather than choosing a traditional board room set up – this room is set up to accommodate the whole project team. By that we mean the sales and marketing teams from our clients and the full Broadley Speaking team active on their account. There’s plenty of room to accommodate everyone’s laptops, iPads!”

Intelligent Sales

“Seamless connections with clients – We work with businesses, of all sizes, right across the UK, in  Europe and in North America. We work with them in our office and theirs and use our state of the art video conferencing facilities to keep in touch. This combined with our bespoke built campaign management software provides complete transparency across any campaign or programme of work.”

Intelligent Sales

“David and Hilary have worked together for the best part of 30 years. Between them they have sold and sales managed across 4 continents and across most business to business sectors. Hilary takes a hands on approach with all campaigns. She is a consummate sales director and has been nominated as a national ambassador for the Investors in People standard.”

behind the scenes at a high grade telemarketing company

“Holistic approach to sales – often we work with clients to help them reposition their sales propositions. Acting as ‘critical friend’ we’ll work right back to their core value proposition in order to refocus and provide new impetus to their sales campaign. Similarly we work with clients sales teams and management to provide individually crafted sales coaching and training programmes.”


“Our environment –  we have created a light, modern, ergonomically designed work area to allow for maximum efficiency, comfort and pleasure – yes pleasure! We all spend a good deal of time at work , and do difficult and challenging work on behalf of our clients ; but it should be fun. We are fortunate that we have been able to create this in an historically significant building in the middle of World Heritage site.”